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Are you looking for a way to find your purpose in life? If so, then this free guide is perfect for you! It contains 5 powerful ways that will help you uncover your hidden passions and desires.

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Discover the fundamental principles needed to discover your purpose. 

This guide will walk you through step-by-step how to discover what is your purpose!

Hobbies vs. Passions

Differentiate between your hobbies and your passions.


We'll explore these passions to understand who it benefits


In this discovery stage, you'll be guided to narrow your interests

Revisit Childhood

We'll revisit your childhood passions to unlock your core motivators

Happy List

Creating a list of things that we've ucovered in previous sections

Be Patient

Understanding that self-discovery is not a linear process and how to change direction


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Your Purpose and Confidence Coach 

Hey there!  I'm Shelley Meche'tte; Your Purpose Success and Confidence Coach.  I am a Certified Life Purpose Coach, Int'l Speaker and Best-selling Author.

I'm also a mom, wife, daughter, non-profit founder and business woman.  With so many's easy to lose who you are sometimes or feel stuck, because people see "titles"...instead of seeing YOU!  

I was able to live a life of authentic happiness and freedom when I discovered and started living my purpose.  And now that I know the "how"...I refuse to keep it to myself!  

I'm determined to show my fellow woman how to do the CONFIDENCE!

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